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Bridal FlexFlop

How many weddings have you been to where the bridal party takes off their shoes to dance? Give your girls a pair of flexflops and they will be comfortable for the rest of the night. Flexflops are a nice compliment to a day at the spa, shower or bachlorette celebration. They are also a novel hotel gift for your out of town guests!

Available soon: Flexxi-Fancy Flops

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Wedding flip flops
Bridal flip flops
Bride flip flops
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Bridal flip flops
White flip flops

Top trends in Bridesmaid gifts: Bridesmaid flip flops

Brides are faced with many big decisions in planning their wedding, but one of the most important ones is what they are going to give their girls as thank you gifts. They want to give something different, personal and useful that their bridesmaids will remember. The simple solution is a pair of personalized Bridesmaid flip flops . They can be worn for the spa day before the wedding, the bachelorette party, at the hotel getting ready and on the dance floor at the main event. Bridesmaid flip flops

Wedding flip flops are to be worn for the spa day before the wedding and then brought to the big event for the dance floor….to kick off your heels and dance. How many weddings have you been to when girls kick off their heels and dance without shoes? Now your girls will have Wedding flip flops to put on and they are a gift that your girls will actually use!


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