Flipflops - Pedicure Sandals - Flexflops - Spa Kit
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Maternity and Slippers
This plush line of flexflops is an ideal accessory for your next get-away. This extra soft fabrication is great for indoor or outdoor use and the fun pastel colors will brighten up any outfit. This line comes with a soft-cushioned upper and ridged for durability. As with our other styles, the microfiber's sliding strap will keep you smudge-free at the salon and pamper your feet throughout the day. Great gift for a baby shower or a new mom, they come in light blue, light pink and yellow with expressions such as new mommy and hot mama!
Flipflops, Pedicure, Manicure, pedicure sandals
Crystals Available: Bow, Sunburst, Heart, Circle
swarovaski, crystals, pedicure accessories
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Colors Available: Black (301), Grey (302), Pink (303), Blue (304), Yellow (305)
Microfiber is available with plain, rhinestones or printed pouch.
Available in Sizes: Small (5-6.5), Medium (7-8.5) and Large (9-10.5)
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