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Flexflops featured in Chicago Fox News:

Chicago Beauty

Top 6 must-haves for sandal-ready summer feet
You can go to Chicago Beauty for more information on any of these products.

With summer in full swing, sandal season is upon us! Carolyn Brundage, founder of Chicago Beauty joins us today with the top six must haves to keep feet pretty and pampered this season.

1) Get a pedicure, of course! Fashionista Nails, (a brand new nail spa at 30 E. Division Street, serves up some of the Gold Coast's most reasonable pedicures. A basic pedicure is just $30 and even the signature "Fashionista" pedicure comes in a just $35. Or choose from over 30 exotic, theme inspired pedicures including The Moji-Toe Pedicure, The Fantasia Di Chocolata and The Raspberry Granita Pedicure.

2) Maintain smooth feet at home: Feed your foot fetish with Spa Fetish collection for toes, an unbelievably decadent line of all natural scrubs that makes keeping summer feet smooth a snap. Opt for the Sugar Foot (tm) Tootsie Scrub ($18), 100% natural ingredients include Hawaiian Turbinado Sugar, Pumice, Dead Sea Mud, Rice Bran and Jojoba. This is the best way to banish those dry heels that look so awful in sandals and feel so rough between the sheets.

3) Microplane's Foot File: Trust us, we're skeptic, but this little foot file really works. At about twenty-two bucks it's not cheap but nothing works as well at banishing dead skin. 95 tiny files create a bidirectional exfoliating system that gently massages tired feet, removing cracked dry skin, leaving them silky soft. The most amazing tool we've ever tried!

4) Custom Nail Color: Now you don't have to be Sarah Jessica Parker to own perfect pink or just right red. Cookie cutter color is no longer the only option for women with style. The new trend in nails is custom color- and it's on everyone's must have list this season. At the forefront of this trend is Cover Girl. The company recently released a new collection, aptly named "Boundless Color." Boundless Color features 22 base coats and 7 glittering top coats that come together to create customized wardrobes of color ($4).

5) Flip Flop style: Whether pampering your peds at home or at your favorite day spa, these adorable flexible flip flops (with matching bag) make the perfect accessory. Halle Berry is a huge fan and so we are.

6) Abbey Brown Foot Scrub $6 for two treatments

osted 07.24.06
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